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Serial communication under Windows 98/NT & Windows XP

When using the Alpha-Link system under Windows 98, NT & Windows XP a problem can occur that stops the software sending the file to the Alpha lathe. Under Windows NT & XP it is the operating system that is stopping our software accessing the serial port. We do not know why Windows 98 has a problem, it only occurs in certain versions. As a result of these problems we have written a Windows package that will communicate with the Alpha lathe. To download a free copy of this package click on the link below.

1) Download the file by clicking on the link below and selecting 'Save'.

2) Extract all the files contained in to a temporary folder. This can be a USB memory stick, CD-R disk or anywhere on your hard drive. You will need to contact us to obtain the password to unzip these files, please have your Alpha-Link serial number, found on the box your system came in ready.

3) Run the file SETUP.EXE

4) Accept the defaults when asked and the software will install itself under the 'Programs' menu. Click on SerioAlpha to run the software.

5) Once the SerioAlpha software is running click on the 'Setup' menu. Click 'File Path'. Go through each of the options and ensure that the 'Path' and 'Extensions' are set correctly for your version of AlphaLink. The settings are:

AlphaCam v1.81 & v2.21

  • CAM Files. PATH = C:\Alphacam\Programs EXT = 600
  • Manop files. PATH = C:\Alphacam\Manops EXT = mop
  • ISO files = NOT USED

AlphaPls v3.21

  • CAM files. PATH = C:\Alphapls\Drawings EXT = fan
  • Manop files. PATH = C:\Alphapls\Manops EXT = mop
  • ISO files = NOT USED


  • CAM files. PATH = C:\Alpha-T\Drawings EXT = prg
  • Manop files. PATH = C:\Alpha-T\Manops EXT = mop
  • ISO files = NOT USED

Alpha-S & Alpha-U

  • CAM files. PATH = C:\Alpha-S\Drawings EXT = fan
  • Manop files. PATH = C:\Alpha-S\Manops EXT = mop
  • ISO files. PATH = C:\Alpha-S\ISO EXT = iso


  • CAM files. PATH = C:\Alpha-MG\Drawings EXT = prg
  • Manop files. PATH = C:\Alpha-MG\Manops EXT = mop
  • ISO files. PATH = C:\Alpha-MG\ISO EXT = iso
SerioAlpha - click the link to download the installation files (zipped)
SerioAlpha Help Pages - click the link to download the Help pages (zipped)