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The Alpha-Link CAM system has been developed in conjuction with T.S. Harrison and Sons of Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire to drive the successful range of Alpha combination lathes. The simple CAM system enables a part to be machined on screen, off-line from the lathe. This software is included with each Alpha lathe sold. Several different versions of the software have been developed over the past four years, reflecting the changes and advancements of the lathe. As improvements are made, or small faults are found and fixed the software has been re-issued.

USB-to-Serial Converter, for PC's without RS232 ports - purchase a USB converter that has been tested with the Alpha lathes
Alpha-Link Extended Data Cables - need a new cable or would like one made up in a longer length
Alpha-Link for Windows Upgrades - upgrade your DOS AlphaLink software
Alpha-Link for Windows Training Manual - download the AlphaWin manual in PDF format
Updates for all DOS versions - need to re-install your original AlphaLink software
Fix for serial communication problem under Windows - send/receive Alpha programs using Windows operating system
Security Device - Latest Drivers for Win XP - update the drivers for your HASP security device




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