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Alpha-Link v3.x Upgrade

Alpha-Link v5.0 & v5.1 Upgrade

Alpha-Link v5.2x Upgrade

Alpha-T v1.x Upgrade

Alpha-MG v1.x Upgrade


Alpha-Link for Windows Upgrade

Please read carefully the notes below before upgrading your copy of Alpha-Link.

It is important that you do not upgrade to the wrong version of the software. Changes have been made over the last few years to the way the Alpha lathe runs. We have altered the software to work with these changes. If your machine is a different version than the software was intended for, this WILL cause problems when running CAM files.

There is no advantage in upgrading v5.2x if your machine is using v4.x, IT WILL NOT WORK!!

To find out what version of the software you are running you will need the serial number originally supplied with the Alpha-Link software. If you are in any doubt please contact Superdraft Systems Ltd.

Serial No.'s between 050101 - 051230 = Alpha-Link v3.x Click here to upgrade
Serial No.'s between 070001 - 089999 = Alpha-Link v5.x Click here to upgrade
Serial No.'s 090001 - 095999 = Alpha-T v1.x Click here to upgrade
Serial No.'s 096001 - 099999 = Alpha-T2 Click here to upgrade
Serial No.'s 100001 onwards - Alpha-MG v1.x Click here to upgrade



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