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Superdraft Systems Limited is pleased to announce the release of Alpha-link for Windows Upgrade package.


Alpha-Link for Windows

For sometime Superdraft Systems have been re-writing the Alpha-Link software to run under the Windows operating system. This has involved a complete new set of software modules to take advantage of the Windows environment. This system has now been released.

The ease of use of the original Alpha-Link system has been combined with the Windows native functions to give a powerful but easy to use software package, designed exclusively for the Alpha Lathe. Added functions, such as the ability to modify existing operations, enhanced Tool Library features, better graphical presentation, native Windows File handling and Printing options, and combined commands, have enhanced the original Alpha-Link system to a new level.

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The Alpha-Link for Windows version is completely "backward compatible", in that original Alpha-Link drawings can be imported into the new system, removing the need to re-draw parts again.

Superdraft Systems Limited is completely dedicated to the support of this new product. As well as making this system available to as many of the previous models of Alpha Lathes as possible, we are committed to future development to ensure that the system benefits from our experience with the Alpha Lathe and user requirements.

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