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Windows XP

Users that have upgraded to Windows XP will have noticed a problem with the security device. To download the latest device drivers follow the instructions below.

NOTE: These drivers are only for use with the 'new style' HASP4 security device. Users of Alpha-Link previous to v5.21 will need to upgrade their security device as these drivers will not work with older dongles. For details on how to do this please email

1) Download the zip file onto your PC by clicking on the link below. When asked, select 'Save this program to disk' and click OK

2) Select where you want to save the file and click 'Save'

3) Extract all files contained within this file

4) Install the drivers by clicking on the 'Start' button then click on 'Run'. Browse to where the file was saved and click 'OK' i.e.

5) Follow the on-screen instructions and click Finish when prompted.



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